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DC1 Postcard Show & La Grange

Last Friday we were at DC1, home of the Devonshire Collective, on Seaside for the opening of the annual Postcard Show. It’s a great idea – local artists (well, anyone really) decorate postcards which are then displayed in the gallery underneath the DC1 Cafe. They’re all for sale at £20 each, and the proceeds go entirely to the artist. We ended up buying four from the same artist, and are looking forward to receiving them. The exhibition is on until April 27th.

Seaside is a characterful road, full of small quirky shops (and not in a chi-chi Lewes way!)

fish&reptiles-shop on Seaside in eastbourne

We’d heard there was an interesting restaurant near here, where you sit on hay bales and eat next to fibreglass cows! And down a side road, we came upon it…

La Grange restaurant in Eastbourne

La Grange appeared empty, but it was only 6-ish. Nick said come on let’s go in, so we did. It turns out it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet, with a range of hot pots each full of French-inspired dishes like Ham Hock & Lentils and Ratatouille. There are also starters such as mozzarella & tomato, smoked salmon and pate…. and ice cream should you fancy it later. All for £9.95 a head. I was a bit nervous at first – I once had a very bad encounter with a hotel buffet in China. When food is already out, all kinds of potential issues pop into one’s head! But to be honest, who knows what goes on in the kitchens of even the most upmarket restaurants? So, we dived in.

The starters were OK and the hot dishes were really tasty. A few people came in after us and some even had reservations. Turns out the food is cooked round the corner at the sister restaurant, where you get tablecloths and an a la carte menu. To be honest we weren’t out for a special meal or anything, and as such La Grange was perfect – good homely fare, enough of a choice and great fun. And very good value for money. I’m pretty sure we’ll be back.

Buffet at La Grange, Eastbourne

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