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The joy of heating

Towards the end of November we found ourselves without heating as the old boiler gave up. (Thank goodness for the immersion heater). This corresponded with the first cold snap of the year, and we found ourselves waking up to minus 2 degrees, with just hot water bottles, hot drinks, hot baths and 6 or 7 woollies to keep us warm.

Too cold for comfort
Too cold for comfort in the music room

The first couple of gas fitters we contacted were either too busy or very expensive or both. However we finally struck gold. Simon Read of Premier Heating & Plumbing, who we’d already booked to do the pipework for our new gas fires, rescued us and installed a new boiler, new pump, and new pipework where the old stuff had corroded. He also laid some very neat new pipes under the rear hall and living room floor for the new fire, and around the side of the house for the new fire in the music room.

Pipework in rear hall
Pipework in rear hall – which revealed some damp that needs sorting out soon!


Pipework under the living room floor
Pipework under the living room floor


New boiler up and running
New boiler up and running

So we only had two weeks to endure the cold. Although it was miserable (mainly because I also had a streaming cold), I found myself realising that my parents grew up like this, and EVERYONE before them. And yes, I do just about remember what it was like before we lived in a house with central heating – getting dressed in front of the living room electric fire, mum bringing me hot water bottles for bed every night, ice inside the bedroom windows in the winter. These days we are so spoilt!

Living room fireplace awaiting its fire
Living room fireplace awaiting its fire


New living room fireplace with gas stove - cosy!
New living room fireplace with gas stove – cosy!


Music room - new gas fire
Music room fireplace with its new gas stove, and my latest bargain buy standard lamp – more on this in another post!


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