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After a year without anywhere to put clothes we were SO ready for a proper wardrobe. We could finally ditch the dusty clothes rails, the piles of shoes and suitcases. We asked Jamie Stobbie, who built all the storage for us in the last house, to build us a wardrobe based on our own design. We definitely didn’t want anything fussy or ‘mock-Victorian’. Our plan was always to have it painted the same colour as the walls (Farrow & Ball Hay), and for it to ‘disappear’ into the room, despite its size. We found the handles on the internet. Very pleased with the result.

wardrobe in pieces

wardrobe carcass

wardrobe carcass 2

finished wardrobe

The electric socket at the end will have to be moved, and we still have to decide on the window dressing. But definitely looking more like a bedroom.

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