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Bedroom shutters

When we moved in, the bedroom windows were fitted with the ugliest kind of blackout blinds, made of PVC I think and encased in aluminium boxes that had been bolted to the original wood frames. They reminded me of commercial shutters you see on shop fronts. But without any curtains, we had to keep them – one fell off, so we put up a temporary net curtain, but as the days got longer we had to resort to draping an old bedspread on the window to keep out the light. The result was from the outside it looked like some kind of tatty student digs. Thankfully our neighbours didn’t complain.

Having decided on shutters for the lower sashes, we couldn’t wait to have them installed. We used a a firm called Vogue Shutters in Brighton and they were measured up and fitted by Rod, a very helpful and friendly chap. Not all the shutters firms we tried had been so polite and helpful, so we were very pleased to have gone with Vogue – fantastic value and highly recommended.

First, Nick had to paint the windows prior to the shutters being fitted. Nothing like having a deadline!

painting bedroom windows

shutters in the bedroom

The shutters give us privacy and yet they let so much light in. We love them. Now on order are curtains… watch this space.

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