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Original features…

There are many lovely details I’m discovering little by little in our new home…

floor tile detail - Eastbourne Diary

The threshold to the bathroom has been done very poorly, but the Victorian floor tiles are still there…


Bedroom ceiling | Eastbourne Diary

The ceiling of what is now going to be the master bedroom…

Bathroom sash with original glass

The top sashes in the enormous bathroom window feature rare original glass…

Acorn latch on window sash | Eastbourne Diary

Many of the windows have these lovely acorn latches, but they’re in poor condition.

Door with paint peeling | Eastbourne Diary

The paint on the door to the living room was cracked and inviting me to try peeling it off! Every time I’m in the flat I do a little more scraping. At some point I’ll have to reach for the chemical stripper, but it’s satisfying to get the paint off the old fashioned way!

Living room door paint peeling

Meanwhile the garden is full of faded beauty in the form of neglected planters and overgrown details…

garden planter / eastbourne garden

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