Garden door

The garden door originally had a cat flap cut into it and the outside was a green colour with a white frame –

original backdoor colour

A few things to consider here. Although we plan to have a cat sometime, I’m not a fan of catflaps as they attract all kinds of neighbourhood cats, which is stressful for the resident cat (and us!). I know you can get collars with a transmitter that unlocks the flap, but it’s not ideal.

'flat 1' backdoor before painting

The door itself is lovely, we assume it to be original and it’s certainly a non-standard size. But the piece of wood at the bottom was rotten and the door didn’t close properly. Plus the catflap had been installed very crudely, ruining one of the door panels.

First, we asked the firm who was renovating our windows to also fix the garden door. They adjusted it so that it shut properly, draft-proofed it, removed the catflap and replaced the panel.

I then scraped off the peeling sections of paint and N replaced the wooden bar at the bottom.

backdoor before painting

After the usual sanding, filling & priming we undercoated it with Farrow & Ball ‘Dark Tones’…

backdoor undercoat

backdoor undercoat 2

I did two coats of undercoat (and painted the frame the same colour) and then applied the top coat – one of F&B’s newest colours, Inchyra Blue

backdoor exterior Inchyra Blue

Come on, is this gorgeous or what??

backdoor exterior Inchyra Blue

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