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Uncovering / discovering the garden

Clearing all the ivy, brambles grass and over weeds from the rockery and raised beds is going to be an ongoing task for a while. We’ve both tackled bits of it in stages – here’s a little corner of the steps that I cleared yesterday – the plinth was sitting crookedly so I had to roll it out, dig out a hole and put it back, remove all the moss and avoid putting my thumb into any of the big gross old slugs that hide in every cranny!

plinth and edge of rockery

When we were clearing the area in front of the fence we uncovered this lovely ‘dancing ladies’ planter which was entirely hidden under grass:

dancing ladies planter

We’ve yet to decide where to put it and what to put in it.

Come the evening, the garden is mostly in the shade, but still wonderfully sheltered from any wind. Sometimes we take a drink up to the table and chairs in the top garden to catch the last of the sun.

our garden in the evening

We’ve also had some visitors – foxes often cross the garden at any time of day, and the other evening two fox cubs came for a sniff around –


foxcub by wheelbarrow



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