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Living room windows – update

We’re now finished painting the exterior of the living room windows. If you remember from my previous posts, they were in a bit of a sorry state. But hopefully we prepped them well and they will stand up better to the weather. Here’s a before-and-after:

puttying extreme prep

Remember this? And now:

repaired and painted window sill

We’ve also rescued the window boxes and filled them with some lovely slug-repelling geraniums and fuchsias…

window box fuchsias

window box geraniums


Next job: to tackle the window interiors. Although we’ve used a basic Dulux Trade Satin White paint on the exterior woodwork, when it comes to interior woodwork we’ve had so many issues in the past with white or off-white paint turning yellow or streaky with time. It’s something that just doesn’t happen with Farrow & Ball. Another advantage to F&B is that they offer such a good range of colours. And you use less of it. So we’ve decided to only use their paint on the interior.

Our current thinking is to paint all the internal woodwork (and possibly all the doors) in an off-white, probably Pointing although we’re also considering Wimborne White. Doors are still a moot point. I’m hoping to convince N to have the door to the living room in orange, which I think will look fab with the Light Gray walls. But let’s see!

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