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Walls in Farrow & Ball ‘Bone’

We’ve now completed painting the walls of the music room and the hall both in Farrow & Ball Bone. Originally we planned the music room to be a darker colour, possibly Charleston Gray. But having painted the hall, we decided we needed a lighter colour in the music room. Anyway, we’re very pleased with it! The following pics show just how different the same colour can look in different lights:

painting the back hall 1

The back hall, painting started…

painting the back hall 2

and finished. Another ‘before/during’ shot:

painting the back hall 3

and afterwards:

painting the back hall 4

Here’s a cute decorative detail – it was fiddly to paint around it!

hall decorative detail

I’ve found myself doing more preparation than actual painting – I am the queen of the ‘decorator’s mate’; sanding, filling and generally ‘making good’ are all my specialities.

On top of all the gardening (OK, weeding) I’ve been overdoing it a bit and I’m suffering a bit of ‘golfer’s elbow’ in addition to my hand and wrist flaring up. I’ve had wrist tendonitis for over 15 years (computer overuse). The shoulder is a bit sore too – very frustrating as there are many painting jobs I want to get on with but must be patient!



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