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Garden makeover part 2

On the 26th day into the work, things suddenly fell together. The landscapers brought in a LOT of topsoil – for the terraces and as a base for the new lawn. Access to our garden is restricted, so everything had to brought in by the wheelbarrow-load.

Looking back to the house once the topsoil was down for the lawn. The central(-ish) round planter has been moved to be central to the steps (and incidentally to the lawn). 


Day 26 – view from the back door


New brick path at the back of the house. It’s so great to have this much space! And check out the little bed which we asked them to put in to accommodate an apricot bush! (The apricot was on Nigel’s plan but not the bed…)


Day 27 – the turf goes down…


Gravel is added to form the paths between the terraces and here leading from the steps to the eastern patio.


Day 28 – we have a pergola! It went very close to our sole rhubarb plant which is now rather difficult to get to and will need to be moved.


Day 28 – General view from the back door


View from the back door – forgive the random bag of compost, and we hadn’t yet decided where to place the ‘dancing ladies’ trough, or the pots currently blocking the path!


The big table is brought back to its place on the main patio


And finally, our hard-working landscapers David and Mark had finished their work!

Our job was then to start on the planting, nurture the lawn and generally enjoy the garden. I already had some seedlings underway!

It had been a long haul but we absolutely love the result and it was definitely worth the outlay. Huge thanks to Southern Landscapes who worked quietly and thoughtfully throughout and took all the changes of plan in their stride. And to our garden designer Nigel Philips who not only had the vision, but also visited throughout the process to check what was happening, talk with the landscapers and generally hold our hands.

I’ll post more photos soon to show what’s growing in the garden (and what’s going in the niche!)

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    • Robin Robin

      Hi Elly, and thanks! It’s all very exciting… we’re very lucky indeed 🙂

  1. Lesley Lesley

    Hi Robin

    I really enjoyed going through the process of the relandscaping with you. I love the choice and variety of hardcore materials used to form the bones of the plot – always the most important feature I think – then the fun comes with the artistic additions of plants and sculptures.

    I really appreciated the wealth of photos and can say your garden with these little additions is a pleasure to see now even though its still in progress.

    Thank you. I am going to ponder around the other things youve posted on now!

    • Robin Robin

      Thanks Lesley – yes I agree the planting and other bits & bobs is a lot of fun! We’re currently re-doing the small bed by the fence where nothing seems to grow 🙁 I’m hoping to update the blog more often, have been a bit lazy about it…

  2. caroline walker caroline walker

    I have loved going through the process with you. The photographs were most informative.
    The garden is divine. Thank you so much for sharing.

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