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Garden Flowers coming on

July started with a lovely spread of flowers.

Lampranthus is a succulent with the most amazingly bright flowers. Last year we planted this one at the front of the pond and it didn’t really flower, but this year it was ablaze from the end of June to the middle of July. Fantastic. We have two others in the garden, both more of an orangey colour, but neither have done as well this this one.

This is Achillea ‘King Alfred’ – a big name for a TEENY plant. Last year we received a little box of plug plants as a freebie for some reason, and most of them were already a bit sad when we got them. But we planted this little thing out, and it didn’t nothing. Until now! However, it’s tiny. This photos is a close up. The actual flower (this whole head) is about a quarter of an inch across!

Now here’s a funny thing – last year Nick spotted this rambling rose rambling its way across the fence from next door, conveniently towards our new pergola, so he encouraged it over! (He did ask the gardeners next door if that was OK). As we’ve been warned, the rose could be pruned at any time and we have no control over that. However, we were delighted when it blossomed into hundreds of little white and yellow flowers!

It’s lovely to see Rosa Anna Ford doing so well this year. A very pretty colour and plenty of blooms.

Winchester Cathedral is flowering well this year. It probably helps that we’ve not moved it again, and it’s settling into the lower rock bed.

We think this may be Lobelia – not sure though! We bought a load of Lobelia in the Spring and planted it around the place hoping it would spread. We didn’t know what colours would emerge, but it’s been mostly white and pink. I think this is the only patch of blue. So maybe it’s something else?

Once again Petunia has been a real star – we bought a whole bunch mostly for the containers, and they are doing a fantastic job. You just can’t hold them back!

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