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Repairing Mum’s pot

My parents used to have this pot in their back garden in Bognor and when my mum died I wanted to have it in our garden. It’s actually the only object I have that mum made, in a pottery class, I’m not sure when but almost certainly after they retired. I don’t think she had a moment for herself before then.

She never liked it – which is why she banished it to the garden – but it has her name scratched on the base and it has great sentimental value.

When it was first in the garden, a rock from the wall above fell on it one day and broke it into three pieces. Nick glued it together and we had it out in the garden again last year, successfully… until one day we noticed it had fallen apart again. Perhaps water had go into the joins, the glue had deteriorated, a cat had landed on it or something, we don’t know. But I packed it up and kept it in the summerhouse all winter.

So the other day I brought it into the house, let it dry out and stuck it back together again with ‘No More Nails’. There are a few holes now, and I didn’t position one of the joins too well. But I’m hoping it will be strong enough to put out again this year!

Mum's pot in pieces

Mum's pot in pieces - neck

Mum's pot mended 2nd time

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