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Garden flowers late July

By late July there’s so much colour in the garden, it’s hard to spend time anywhere else!

central flower bowl - An Eastbourne Diary
A central dahlia, surrounded by Calibrachoa ‘Aloha Tiki Hot Pink’, Petunia ‘Blue Vein’, Bacopa ‘Snowtopia’ & Verbena ‘Silver Magic’


Rose 'Winchester Cathedral'
Rose ‘Winchester Cathedral’


In the top garden


Gorgeous Verbena ‘Silver Magic’ which flowered all summer


Our neighbours did a lot of work to make this border really lovely

These little Petunias are a real triumph. Love those ‘trumpets’!


Last year we were told this was a Mallow, but it’s since been re-idenitified as a Hibiscus. It only flowers for a week or two but it’s spectacular.


Lunch in the garden, the Hibiscus in bloom



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