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Morning run

I’m not a natural runner, but it’s a cheap and easy form of aerobic exercise. Having not done any for over 6 months, we pledged to each other that once we were in this flat we would get out running along the seafront in the morning. It is, after all, only 2 minutes away at an easy jog. So far we’re doing OK – the (realistic) target is twice a week. I’m still building it up slowly by alternating running with walking. With my background in exercise teaching I find myself remembering the advice I gave to others about not overdoing it!

This morning I was on my own as N had to get the early train. My back was a bit achey from gardening yesterday, but the sun was out and I’m glad I went.

Eastbourne - morning run

When the tide is out, the view of the exposed rocks is spectacular. When the tide’s in, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore is wonderful.

Something very special about this stretch of the coast is the multilevel footpaths and the many trees and shrubs that line them. As a consequence you hear birdsong galore – I saw blue tits and robins this morning – not just seabirds.

I also enjoy reading the many bench dedications as I pass by – one of my favourites is at a lookout spot above the Holywell Tearoom, before descending Crow’s Nest Steps, where a bench dedicated to Betty Woodham includes the quote ‘I’ll just wait here’. I’m usually so out of breath at this point that I tend to sympathise with her.

At the top of Crow's Nest Steps

But the downhill section after that is fun and from then on it’s flat along the seafront. Sometimes I break it up by going up and down between the levels – hill training! – and enjoying the many different views that open out between the foliage.

Morning run on Eastbourne seafront

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