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Kitchen stool makeover

OK, I know I didn’t need a new project. But we’re getting used to the kitchen and sometimes just want to eat a piece of toast together, and a couple of stools would be useful as there’s no space for table & chairs. We have 2 stools but one is too tall (but comfy – it’s a musician’s stool) and the other is old, ugly and just plain uncomfortable.

So the other morning I just thought I’d have a go at making over the ugly stool, with the idea of buying another old stool from a junk antiques shop which I can similarly destroy, and making a pair. I’ve probably been watching too many episodes of ‘Selling houses with Amanda Lamb’ etc. How hard can it be??

Here’s where it’s at so far:

Kitchen stool - broken underneath
The hardboard underneath was broken…
Kitchen stool - taking off the tacks
First job – remove all the decorative tacks


Kitchen stool - removing the staples
Then removing the staples, to reveal the lovely disintegrating foam padding…


Kitchen stool - top off
Yuk! Seat removed and disposed of.


Kitchen stool - undercoat
I sanded down the stool and then undercoated…

For the comfort factor, I bought a square of compacted chipped foam from C&H Fabrics which will be fine for the base, plus I have some soft wadding to go over the top and make it a bit more luxurious.

At this point I was thinking that we had half a pot of F&B ‘Churlish Green’ eggshell paint, which would be perfect. But could I find it…? No. But by this time I had already bought 60cm of vinyl coated fabric for the seat, which looks like this:

vinyl fabric for kitchen stool seat

… so I went in search for some suitable paint, and at B&Q I was puzzled to find many aisles of emulsion paint but virtually no eggshell for painting woodwork. So I ended up buying a small pot of Lime Green paint for ‘garden furniture’ – who’d have thought there was a market for painting garden furniture lurid colours? The paint’s a little drippy and the stool will probably need at least 3 coats but here it is after one coat:

Kitchen stool first top coat

Although we haven’t decided on colours and decor for the kitchen (when we get around to having it done), we already have quite a few lime green-ish accessories and I felt that N wouldn’t object too much to this! Plus as I only needed a small mount I was able to buy a teeny tin for under £4.

Meanwhile I’ve sourced some new decorative tacks online which should arrive shortly. The other materials I need (webbing, hessian, wadding, lining fabric) I already have, from my first upholstery project. I’ll post an update when I’ve got a but further on.

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