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Moved in!

And finally… we are in. The guys renovating the windows ran over a bit, so they were still working in the living room as our movers brought stuff in. As a result we’re not using that room yet, but focusing on getting it done and decorated first. (The windows are now done, bar the decorating of course, and we’re so glad, there are zero draughts and the place is cosy & quiet.)

Living in two rooms (plus kitchen and bathroom) is a bit of a squeeze, but the flat still feels spacious.

There are boxes piled up everywhere, because we have no storage as yet. Bookshelves and wardrobes are high on the list.

We’ve already done a huge amount, including in the garden – several trips to the tip and quite a few purchases made, from a washing line to two tins of Farrow & Ball Light Grey paint (guess which of these items was cheaper – ahem!)

The kitchen is a ‘make do’ at the moment, as we can’t afford to have the work done we’d like quite yet. But it’s surprisingly good to work in. And we got stupidly excited about a light fitting we found in Dunelm! It’s like starting out on married life all over again. The whole place has a wonderful feel – like home already.

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