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The finished seat pad

I’ve just finished my first upholstery project, after four sessions with Louise at Sussex Upholstery – a drop-in seat pad that was very saggy and rather nasty to sit on. I just wish I’d taken a photo of it before I started – DUH – a rookie error. Anyhow, I did take some pics on week 1, and here are the last few stages:

Top layer of fabric on and rough tacked.
Top layer of fabric on and rough tacked.

The fabric was a small curtain I found in the remnants basket at C & H Fabrics, with a nice cotton lining which will come in useful for another project. The only thing that made it a bit tricky were the stripes – I had to be careful when pulling the fabric taut that the stripes didn’t start getting bendy! Plus, it’s not a symmetrical design, so there was no obvious central point. I chose to place it so that the thin chartreuse-coloured stripes were equidistant from each side.

Tacking finished and fabric trimmed.
Tacking finished and fabric mostly trimmed.


The backing fabric tacked down.
The backing fabric tacked down. This was just a piece of black cotton fabric I had. I probably used too many tacks, but at least I only put one through my thumb!


Finished upholstered seat pad.

I couldn’t wait to get it home and drop it into the chair! And I was really pleased with the final look. Now I have the upholstery bug (and tools!) I need a new project…

The finished chair with reupholstered seat.
The finished chair with reupholstered seat.

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