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The flat is ours

On Friday, finally… after five months of waiting. This was how long it took for half a dozen brief questions to be answered. If you buy a leasehold property, be warned.

First job when I got the keys? To strip the (one) wall in the sitting room that had wallpaper on it. Luckily it came off pretty much in complete pieces, as easy as if it was never glued down. I then started picking at paintwork – if there’s anything peeling, I can’t help myself. As I looked round the flat and realised what needs doing I started to feel a bit sick. BUT there’s no huge hurry to do it all. And once I got the heating on and things warmed up a bit (and knowing the boiler actually works) I felt optimistic again.

Our builder is coming round on Monday, the heating engineer on Tuesday, and our joiner is preparing plans for the kitchen. So fingers crossed. I wish I knew what the heck all this stuff is, but we’ll find out soon!

what are these? shower heater water heater (?)

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